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Berries - cancer fighting foods

10 cancer fighting foods to prevent cancer

Cancer is a life killing disease. But , it can be prevent to eat some special foods in our daily diet routine. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains are the cancer fighting foods. If we eat these type of food regularly , we can prevent different type of cancer. Now see the top 10 anticancer food. Now check out best cancer fighting foods bellow.

10 cancer fighting foods:

1. Cruciferous

Cruciferous vegetables - cancer fighting foods
When we search for cancer fighting foods to eat, cruciferous foods comes in front. Some cruciferous vegetables such as Raw broccoli, cabbage, Cauliflower etc are rich in Glucosunolates. It is a one type of Phytonutrient and it can prevent the cancer. It is a great cancer fighting foods. Read More: Cox’s bazar Bangladesh travel guide and tips.

2. Grapefruit :

Grapefruit - cancer fighting foods
Orange, bell preppers are the grapefruit. These are full of Vitamin C. Vitamin C prevent the formation of cancer forming compounds. So we should eat grapefruit to prevent cancer.

3. Tomatoes :

Tomatoes - cancer fighting foods
For presence of Lycopene chemical, tomatoes be in red color. Lypocone is a most powerful antioxidant that discovered. It prevent to spread breast cancer, lung cancer and endometrial cancer.

4. Pecans :

Pecans - cancer fighting foods
Pecans is an another cancer fighting foods. There are ellagic acid in Pecans and ellagic acid inhibit growth of cancer forming cell. So, you can avoid cancer having this kind of food.

5. Tea :

Tea - cancer fighting foods
Tea is a best drink to prevent cancer, specially breast , colon, lung and ovarian cancer. The people who drink tea (green ,oolong, black or white) regularly, the have a little risk to get cancer. See More : 10 best fat burning foods for women.

6. Ginger :

Ginger - cancer fighting foods
Ginger also contains some antioxidant that help to prevent cancer. You can have it without any hesitation, because it is an another good cancer fighting foods.

7. Rosemary :

Rosemary - cancer fighting foods
It is a great food to prevent breast cancer. Rosemary contains a natural chemical named Carnosol that help to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

8. Legumes :

Legumes - cancer fighting foods
Beans , Peas are the legumes type of food. They rich in Vitamine A, B; Folic acid and these help to make healthy cell division. These also separate the damaged cell. Legumes is a useful food to prevent Pancreatic cancer.

9. Whole Grains :

Whole Grains - cancer fighting foods
Brown rice, corn and oatmeal have a lot of fiber. For presence of fibers whole grains help to prevent colorectal cancer.

10. Berries :

Berries - cancer fighting foods
Strawberries and Raspberries contain a lot of ellagic acid. These are very useful to prevent skin, lung, bladder, esophagus and breast cancer.

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