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Best ideas to get a Google AdSense account in 2015 easily

6 Best ideas to get a Google AdSense account in 2018

AdSense is a goal for a blogger who have a website. It is the first choice to earn money by a blog or a website owner. This is the top advertise distributors in the world. So, every blogger or website owner has a target to gain this Google AdSense account. But the new blogger or publishers face trouble to get the AdSense.

Actually, Google is very strict in the Indian subcontinent in AdSense. it is more difficult to get AdSense in Bangladesh , India , Pakistan if the site owner will not complete the Google AdSense policy. But it is also so much easier to get a Google AdSense account if you follow some tips we have provided bellow. it will work 100% . Now see the tips to get AdSense easily.

Top tips to approve Google AdSense account :

1. Buy a top level domain :

It is a first condition to get AdSense. You should buy a top level domain (.com, .net , .org etc) from the famous domain provider company such as hostgattar , Godaddy. Before buying a domain you should follow some tips to get the better seo.You should select a top searchable keyword or phrases as domain. It will help you to place top position for your site.

2. Buy hosting for your newer blog :

It is also a major issue to get Google AdSense. You can get free hosting from Google blogger , WordPress and more free hosting websites to create a blog. But it will be the big trouble to get AdSense. So, You need your own hosting in this case.

3. Write 30 unique high quality posts :

It is the main policy for the Google adsense. Because google will never approve your application if you have not good quality content in your site. To approve google adsense you must have at least 30 high quality unique posts. If the all posts are the same category, it will be easier. Example – you should make your website in a certain category such as Technology, Education, Arts, Internet etc. You can change or select multiple category after getting Google AdSense account. That will not impact on AdSense later.

4. About page :

It is a very important issue for the Google AdSense. Because Google gives importance to the about us page. They takes information about you and your site by this page. So you should add a about us page before applying Google AdSense.

5. Privacy policy :

Privacy policy is a another important matter for the Google. You should also add a privacy policy page on your site. To create a privacy policy for your site you can follow the another site privacy policy page which has Google AdSense. You can get help by our privacy policy.

6. Contact us :

Like about us, privacy policy pages, you should add a contact system in your site. By which anyone can contact you. It is also a important issue for the Google. Dear friends, we have described all the issue to get a Google AdSense account. Now start your work and apply for a full AdSense account. We sure if you follow the above tips it will take only one month to get a AdSense account. ♣ Check also : Best website content ideas to create a new blog.

Some False ideas about Google AdSense :

1) It takes at least 6 months to apply for AdSense. This is a false idea, because it is only eligible for the hosted AdSense account such as blogspot and other Google AdSense revenue sharing programs. if you have a self hosting site, you can apply for AdSense any time. But, you should wait at least 30 days. Then you have more chance to approve adsense.

2) Over 100 posts are needed to approve AdSense account is a another false idea. Only by 30 unique high quality post you can get AdSense and it proved by us.

3) Domain age must be at least three months is a false idea on AdSense. You can apply for AdSense even by a new domain. Just you should apply AdSense by a old gmail account. Because a old gmail account is more important for Google than a new.It is just a technique to get AdSense easily.

4) Apply AdSense by a new gmail every time. It is also a bad idea. Because Google never accepts multiple accounts for a single person. So you should apply AdSense by a the same Google account. It will be easier for you to get AdSense. Because, Google gives importance to your interest. just prepare your Google account with your right information and then apply.

5) Visitors issue is a complicated matter for the AdSense hunters. They should mind that visitors issue has not value for the Google. You can get AdSense by only 50 visitors daily if you have at least 30 unique high quality post.

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