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Frozen - best animated movies

Top 10 best animated movies made by Disney to watch

Walt Disney or Walter Elias Disney is an American businessperson who established Walt Disney Production together with his brother, Roy O.Disney. Becoming as an animator, he had made many world’s famous cartoon film for example Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney wasn’t not only an animator but also a producer, a director, cartoonist and also a screenwriter. He made a lot of successfully fictional animated characters as well as created many cartoon movies. Within all the movies, you can find top 10 cartoon movies in accordance to Disney Movie Rankings. We enlisted Top 10 best animated movies made by Disney ever. Now check out the list here.

Top 10 best animated movies by Disney

10. Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 - best animated movies
We enlisted ‘Toy Story 3’ at 10th in our list Top 10 best animated movies made by Disney. Andy is 17 years old now and he will admit in college. He gave those toys to Sunnyside daycare center. In there, all those toys were abused by kids and imprisoned by Lotso Bear and also his gang. Woody, Buzz and also some other toys made plan to get away and go back to Andy’s home. Toy Story 3 was launched on 18 June, 2010 in North America. It was the 1st anime movie which made more than $1 billion globally, getting the highest-grossing film in 2010. It was selected for numerous awards for it’s best picture, adapted screenplay, sound editing, animated feature, and also it’s best original song.

9. Spirited Away

Spirited Away - best animated movies
It is an another adventure animated film and is one of the Top 10 best animated movies made by Disney dealing with a planet that is filled with creatures like demons, evils as well as spirits. Chihiro, together with her family, was shifting to their new residence. They went into a strange city. Chihiro was alerted by Haku that she is in risk now. Because her parents converted into pigs, Chihiro attempted to discover the way to break up the spell. Spirited Away was launched on 20 July, 2001 in Japan. It received more than $274 million and also became the most successful film in Japanese record. This film was recognized to be among the greatest films in 2000s, and also received numerous awards.

8. Tangled

Tangled - best animated movies
“Tangled” is an best animated movies showing a story involving Princess Rapunzel who possesses magic golden hair. We placed ‘Tangled’ at 8th in our list Top 10 best animated movies made by Disney. Her mother Gothel closed her in an secret area in a tower. One day, a thief Flynn Rider together with 2 bandits, went into the tower having a satchel of crown. Rapunzel fought against Flynn Rider using fry pan and also got that satchel. Lastly, They had a deal; Rapunzel wished to see lantern as well as Flynn Rider desired the satchel back again. They decided and began a dangerous journey jointly. This cartoon film was released on 24 November, 2010. It received over $591 million globally and $200 million in U.S as well as Canada. Tangled received 83rd Academy Award for best original song. It was also selected for numerous awards.

7. Toy Story

Toy Story - best animated movies
Toy Story is at 7th in our list Top 10 best animated movies made by Disney.Woody is Andy’s preferred toy, becoming just like a boss of all toys in Andy’s room. Buzz Lightyear entered in the room on Andy’s birthday. Woody wishes to eliminate Buzz due to jealousy. Later on, Woody and Buzz went closed and also often support one another when they are in danger. At the conclusion of the story, one more new toy got there on Christmas day, it was a puppy. Launched on 22 November, 1995, “Toy Story” received more than $361 million all over the world. This anime film was acknowledged of animation’s innovation as well as entertaining screenplay, regarded as one of the best animated movies.

6. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid - best animated movies
It shows a story of the Princess, Ariel who desires for escaping the sea. She commonly falls into a commitment with his father (King Triton) regarding this. One day, the sea witch Ursula changes into human, as well as Ariel needs to give away her speech in coming back. Next, Ursula turns herself to a beautiful woman, approaching to separate Prince Eric and Ariel by applying Ariel’s voice. With the support of King Triton, Ariel lastly turns into a human completely as well as has a new life with Eric, exactly like what she wants. The Little Mermaid was 1st introduced on 14 November, 1989, getting more than $111 million in U.S and an extra $99 globally. This film was honored with Two Oscars. It is the 28th cartoon feature, going for 83 minutes.

5. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo best animated movies
It is an adventure animated film regarding fish and is one of the best animated movies made by Disney.. A clown fish, Marlin lost his son, Nemo. On the journey to find his son, he met a ignorant regal blue tang, Dory. They moved jointly and experienced with several dangers. Lastly, Nemo as well as other tank mates attempted to emerge of the tank and went back home. “Finding Nemo” was introduced on 30 May, 2003. It received the Academy Award for Best animated Feature and also was the Second highest-grossing film in 2003, reported by Disneywiki. Generating nearly $868 million globally, This best anime film was the best-selling DVD with more than 40 million copies. See More ⇒ Top 10 sexiest female anime characters in the world.

4. Frozen

Frozen - best animated movies
It is a latest animated film that shows the story of Anna and Elsa. We listed ‘Frozen’ at 4th in our list Top 10 best animated movies made by Disney. Elsa is a princess in Arendelle kingdom. She has the magical power of freezing and making ice as well as snow. Anna is actually a fearless optimist who loves to play together with her sister Elsa. Elsa has unexpectedly hurt Anna several times due to her uncontrolled capability. Afterwards, they understand that just the “act of true love” can finish it. By the end, the 2 sisters get back together. Frozen was usually launched on 27 November 2013. It is running for 102 minutes. Frozen has gained almost $1.13 billion in the box office. It was honored with Two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature as well as Best Original Song. This anime film also received Golden Globe Award and the BAFTA Award for Best Animated Feature. It earned 5 Annie Awards and also 2 Critics’ choice Awards, based on Wikipedia.

3. Aladdin

Aladdin - best animated movies
It is an adventure cartoon film related to a street-urchin and a princess. They love one another, but Princess Jasmine can just get married with a prince. Aladdin is not a prince but “Diamond in the Rough” who was the only person capable to enter the Cave of Wonders to receive the magic lamp. Lastly, they could still get married with each other, since the magic lamp helps him turn out to be a prince. Aladdin was published on 11 November, 1992, being the most successful anime film of 1992. Aladdin received more than $217 million in earnings in US and also $534 million globally. Based on Wikipedia, Aladdin received numerous awards, specifically for it’s soundtrack.

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2. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast - best animated movies
It is a story based on a magical beast and a lovely young lady. It is at 2nd in our list Top 10 best animated movies made by Disney. A selfish prince named Adam was magically changed into a beast. He needed to learn to love some other and obtain love in come back. A girl, Belle who was bored with her village, provided herself to exchange her father jailed in the castle. Belle initially was not curious on the beast and considered him as a monster when the beast regarded her like a stubborn. Lastly, the beast obtained Belle’s love, that could split the spell as well as transform the monster into a human being. Publishing on 13 November, 1991, “Beauty and the Beast” became a successful commercial film generating $403 million all over the world. “Beauty and the Beast” had received the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture in Musical or Comedy and also other 2 prizes for it’s music, relating to Disney wiki. Furthermore, it was famously selected for the Academy Award for Best Picture and truly the only cartoon movie to carry this until the year of 2009. Beauty and the Beast cartoon movie entirely obtained 6 nominations for Best Picture, Best Sound, Best Original Score, and also other 3 for it’s song.

1. Lion King

Lion King - best animated movies
It is undoubtedly at top position in the list of “Top 10 best animated movies made by Disney”. It is a cartoon movie concerning a lion family. It made in the pride area of Africa exactly where lion manage total animals like a Mufusa, who was the king, together with Queen Sarabi gave birth to Simba. The baby tensed his uncle, Scar, who wished to be an inheritor to the throne. As a result of his ambition, Scar became friend along with hyenas to attack Mufusa as well as Simba. Mufusa was killed, Simba ran away the kingdom. Persuaded by Nala and Rafiki, Simba came back home to face with Scar. Ultimately, Scar passed away as a result Simba was the Lion King of the kingdom. The Lion King was launched on 15 June 1994 in United States. It’s duration for 88 minutes. The Lion King was awarded for it’s story, music as well as animation. This best animated movie received more than $987 million for 3D launch in 2011. It gained 2 Academy Awards for it’s music and also Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture-in Musical or Comedy, in accordance with Wikipedia.

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