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Best Al Quran android app review

Best Al Quran android app review free download

Best Al Quran android app review and free download. Holy Al Quran is the way to create a peaceful world. Only by Al Quran, the peaceful and calm condition can be established worldwide. We are Muslims who are the main victims of these current war and it’s related bad situation. But, do you know what’s the actual reason for this?

Though it is unpleasant to say that we are the main culprit for this situation. Because, now we are far away from the Holy Quran. Ramadan is the month of mercy and peace and tranquility. Who obey it’s rights, They are more successful. And if it fails, the persons are no longer than them. Prophet Mohammad (S) said that who got the month of Ramadan, but could not get forgiven him from sin, he should ruin. May Allah bless us with enjoy and happiness by the sake of the holy month Ramadan. See More: Islamic Foundation Ramadan calendar 2018.

The competition of reading of whole Qur’an is seen among many us in this holy Ramadan . But the first condition ending the Qur’an is to read the Qur’an seeing. You will find a lot of apps of Al-Qur’an in the Google Play Store. But it is difficult to find out a good android app from play store. Now see the some features of Al Quran android app from bellow. It is really a good Al Quran android app.

Features of this Al Quran android app

  1. Very user friendly.
  2. The opportunity to turn the page of whole Al Quran.
  3. Like to see the real Quran.
  4. The popular image of Saudi Arabia’s Al Qur’an.
  5. Including index and the entire Quran.
  6. Very transparent and lively printing.
  7. It needn’t to connect any external data after it’s installation.
    Download link.

Another thing is that additional time is somewhat difficult to manage as the business of Ramadan iftar and Sehri . Besides, we most of us can’t read Al Quran. If you end Al Quran by hearing the audio in this Ramadan, it will be a great success for you.

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