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Top 10 most beautiful miss universe winners all time

Top 10 most beautiful miss universe winners all time

Miss Universe beauty contest is not merely the oldest but also the most renowned beauty contest in the universe. It remembers the beauty as well as the obligation of women. One vital point regarding this competition is that the manners, knowledge and culture of the participants are used into consideration here. This contest is carried out regularly and the champion is granted a agreement by the organization besides many other advantages. After earning the contest the winner is provided the title of “miss Universe” and also she travels around the world dispersing awareness on concerns of health with HIV AIDS getting at the top of the list of all those challenges. But, there’s always been a argument concerning the most beautiful Miss Universe winners. In case you are excited and curious to know the exact same, read this list to look at the top 10 most beautiful Miss Universe winners of all time in the world.

Top 10 most beautiful miss universe winners

10. Gabriela Isler (2013)

Gabriela Isler - beautiful miss universe winners
Coming from Venezuela, Gabriela Isler is a beautiful woman who received the Miss Universe title in 2013. She had become the 7th woman from Venezuela to be called with this. A mix of amazing beauty as well as intelligence, Gabriela shaken the stage with her long silver dress having self-confidence. Her elegance, impressive smile as well as distinct features seduced the judges to consider the selection of presenting her on this prestigious name. Her reputation rose not merely due to her beauty but additionally since she has shown that she is a skilled star. Gabriela had performed for numerous humanitarian causes such as going to Philippines and assisting communities who were harmed by Typhoon as well as Haiyan. She is the world spokes individual in dispersing awareness against HIV as well as AIDS.

9. Sylvia Hitchcock (1967)

Sylvia Hitchcock - beautiful miss universe winners
She was raised in a poultry farm and has ended up to become among the most beautiful women to receive this prestigious honor. After attempting her best in modeling the lady left that employment opportunity and also joined a tv channel in Miami. Sylvia Hitchcock has additionally received the Miss Alabama USA and Miss USA titles owing to her elegance and charm. She was only a younger in her university when she gained the title of Miss USA. Afterwards she determined not to finish her college degree. She has also become the 1st Miss Universe winners to also possess the title of Miss USA that was a great success for her.

8. Sushmita Sen (1994)

Sushmita Sen - beautiful miss universe winners
Sushmita Sen is an Indian splendor, a famous Bollywood actress. She is among the Top 10 Most Beautiful Asian Women. Her fantastic body figure, good height and also attractive facial features possess brought her to the red carpet of title and fame. She was the 1st Miss Universe from India earning this title at her young age of only 21. Afterwards she were in many Bollywood movies as well as became quite famous inside as well as outside of India. Sushmita Sen has not simply been the craze of millions of followers but she acquired massive recognition among the people relating to all aged groups because of her thrilling smile and also lovely eyes.

7. Natalie Glebova (2005)

Natalie Glebova
Natalie Glebova is one of the hottest women in the modeling sector, she not merely earned the 54th Miss Universe title but also created a large numbers of crazy fans having her exciting beauty as well as style. Arriving from Canada she received lots of chances to appear in many fashion shows like a show stopper right after earning the Miss Universe Title. She has also become the brand ambassador of many products particularly beauty products that not merely assisted her to display her beauty but also created her the heartthrob of all people.

6. Angela Visser (1989)

Angela Visser - beautiful miss universe winners
Angela Visser was the 1st winner of the Miss Universe contest from the Netherlands. She amazed all judges in the Miss Universe contest with her stunning beauty, elegance and lovely look and was regarded as a preferred. She wouldn’t get the Miss World Contest although. She grabbed all the 3 semi finals in 1989. Afterwards, she created it clear that she was likely to earn the title now after failing in the Miss World Contest that was organized several months before. She was a color commentator from 1991-1994. She has came out in many popular movies such as killer Tomatoes Eat France etc. She won the people’s minds with her hot look.

5. Dayana Mendoza (2008)

Dayana Mendoza - beautiful miss universe winners
Dayana Mendoza hold the 5th position in our list of most beautiful miss universe winners of all time. She is an alluring and really beautiful model. She is also one of the most beautiful Miss Universe winners. She remains calm almost all of the time as well as during under pressure. She posses this quality to an event by which she was kidnapped. She has traveled Guantanamo Bay and has explained that it was a big experience. She had dispersed a lot of awareness concerning HIV AIDS during her reign. Her lovely eyes, attractive body figure and beautiful smile has created her a hottest woman preferred of the worldwide fans mainly youths.

4. Amelia Vega (2003)

Amelia Vega
Amelia Vega is one of the most beautiful Miss Universe winners. She earned it when she was only 18 years old. She was a artist as well as a super model. She is among the hottest beautiful curvy women who owns a body that crosses the limitations of hotness. She have a quite attractive personality that amazed the judges. Men all over the world go mad whenever her name is come out.

3. Jennifer Hawkins (2004)

Jennifer Hawkins
Jennifer Hawkins came from Australia. She represented Australian in 2004 and also received the Miss Universe Title defeating all her competitors having her wit, intelligence as well as gorgeous looks. She has additionally received the Miss Universe Australia contest besides the Miss Universe title. She is presently a face of Australian department store Myer, the host of Australia’s Next Top Model, Lovable Intimates, Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling as well as Range Rover. She is the founder and CEO of her 2 successful brands, Cozi.

2. Olivia Culpo (2012)

Olivia Culpo - beautiful miss universe winners
The United States snatched back the Miss Universe contest after 15 years since very gorgeous and appealing Olivia Culpo appeared as a champion in 2012. The 2012 Miss Universe contest was organized in Moscow, Russia. Olivia Cuplo was 20 years old when she had gained the Miss Universe Pageant. There have been participants from more than 88 countries when she appeared as a winner. Her elegance produced her the most popular contestant and brought her on the way to her achievement.

1. Mona Grudt (1990)

Mona Grudt - beautiful miss universe winners
Undoubtedly Mona Grudt hold the top position in the list of most beautiful miss universe winners of all time. She possesses a cute face having green eyes those look very deep. When Mona registered the competition she didn’t believe she would be in shortlisted. She proceeded to win the peagent in 1990. She is also recognized as “The Beauty Queen Of Hell” because of her bright beauty and also great looks. This Miss Universe winners can really be called as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

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