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Bashundhara cineplex movie schedule & ticket price today

Bashundhara Star Cineplex is most popular as well as modern cinema hall in Bangladesh. Specially Star Cineplex is famous among the movie seekers for it’s most technical facilities. Now Bashundhara Star Cineplex is recognized by high class community alongside to middle class. Today, we are here to show you the current Bashundhara cineplex movie schedule & ticket price. You can get the accurate movie schedule and ticket price here. Jamuna future park blockbuster cineplex is an another most popular Cineplex in Bangladesh. We also provided Jamuna future park blockbuster cineplex ticket price list in our previous post. You can check that if you curious to that.

Bashundhara Star Cineplex Ticket booking system is now more advance. You can buy Bashundhara Star Cineplex ticket via online at home. They will accept your Visa card, AmericanExpress, Mastercard or even Dutch Bangla nexus card. And today you can buy tickets online using their “Entertainment Card” which readily available at the their ticket counters. Now you can purchase tickets online for any show any movie through our Entertainment Card & Debit/Credit card which will be available at STAR Cineplex’s ticket counter.

Bashundhara cineplex ticket price 2017

Bashundhara cineplex ticket price 2016

You can get a STAR CINEPLEX Platinum yearly membership paying 15,000 BDT. You can also contact or mail them if you curious. Be sure to send all your contact delicate elements. After that Star Cineplex Membership Department will make contact with you quickly. They will help you to become a Bashundhara STAR CINEPLEX Platinum member at contact.

Bashundhara cineplex movie schedule 2017

Every week Bashundhara Star Cineplex update their movies. So, you need to get the accurate Bashundhara cineplex movie schedule with the specific movies. If you want to get that you can check this link.

You can reserve tickets over the phone contact through their member hotline. So,  get their tickets easily just before the show time from their special platinum member counter when you become their Platinum Member.

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