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Bangladeshi celebrities scandals and it's hidden stories

Bangladeshi celebrities scandals & it’s hidden stories

Celebrity sex scandal often brings blessed or brings scourge for the celebrity. Just by the sex scandal that has become a big star overnight more like a Hollywood star Kim Kardesian. Again by the sex scandal that has been ruined the career of many model and actress like Bangladeshi actress Prova. There are few numbers of Bangladeshi celebrities scandals than  Hollywood or Bollywood . There are also some fake. Stars say propaganda. But all are not really propaganda.

Some celebrities also published their own secret life matter to become popular within over night. Even they don’t care to release videos or photos of their naked body. But for the Bangladeshi celebrities , there are some scandals which are really fake or haven’t enough evidences to prove if those are real. Let’s see some of them who faced more or less spread scandals stories. Bangladeshi celebrities scandals which are open secret are given bellow.

All Bangladeshi celebrities scandals and stories:

Shomi Kaiser:

Shomi Kaiser wiki

Shomi Kaiser are quite a few out of the acting. Once a time, Shomi Kaiser acted as a powerful actress. Shomi Kaiser became faced a sex scandal in his career and criticized much for this scandal. She loved Ringgo from Kolkata and married. In 2003, a video scandal of them came on the market. In the meantime, the dishonest business traders leaked that video through CD in the market.

Sadia Jahan Prova:

BD actress Sadia Jahan Prova latest photo gallery

Bangladeshi celebrities and model prova when was a top model and actress and was passing her great career, her boyfriend Rajib leaked a Video footage through online. It spread abroad and country immediately. Razib and prova’s marriage was settled by their family. And all goes well. So their relationship was like a marriage. But in the meantime, Sadia Jahan Prova loved actor Apurbo and married without her family permission.

However, by revenging against his future wife Prova, Rajib released some secrete video footage of them in online. Prova became so much criticized through the country and abroad. Apurba divorced her. Her career dropped. After she was behind from the media for two years.

Pop star Mila:

BD Pop star Mila

Popular pop artist Mila’s career was began with the song. However, the pop star was modeling in several commercials. But suddenly a video scandal claimed of her leaked online when she was a top singer. An offensive video called ‘Mila’ was released in online. In that 33 seconds long video footage, a young woman has to be drunk. After few months after the incident, artist Mila opened her mouth. She claimed that she was not the girl of released video. Many have expressed doubts as to whether that was really Mila. However, She did not get saved her from scandal.

Nadira Nasim Chaity:

Nadira Nasim Chaity

After releasing the prova’s sex scandal, a offensive video of model and host as well as Bangladeshi celebrities, Nadira Nasim Chaity was released. A offensive video footage spread with director Enamul Kabir Nirjhor was leaked. The video was recorded on mobile. A fierce criticism was exposed after the publication of that offending video. Again there was criticism in the showbiz arena about this. And after this scandal this star could not be seen in the media for long time.

Eva Rahman:

BD singer Eva Rahman
A sex scandal claimed aginst singer and Bangladeshi celebrities Eva Rahman and the video scandal got the great popularity. In that video, there was seen a women like Eva Rahman working sex with a stranger in a hotel room. Eva Rahman dismissed that video as rumors loudly.

Nova Firoz:

BD model Nova firoz biography
Actress Nova also involved in the video scandal list. A video footage fall her in the debate when she was passing her busiest career. A half naked photos of her leaded in 2010. Although, her identity in the footage could not be confirmed.

Srabosti Dutta Tinni:

Actress Srabosti Dutta Tinni

Bangladeshi popular celebrity pair Tinni-Hillol also listed in scandal list. A video footage of the two young people of an intimate moment in a hotel room was released in the market claimed of their. But that video couldn’t prove if that was of them. Although the criticism couldn’t stop spreading.

Anika Kabir Shokh:

Anika Kabir Shokh bd model

In the mid time of 2011, A video footage of the most popular model Anika kobir shokh was released. After publishing the video clip that spread everywhere. There was a doubt as to whether the woman in the video was really Shokh. But after releasing the video footage, a negative message reached to the audience.

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim:

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim - Lux-Channel i superstar winners

Lux superstar actress Bidya Sinha Mim was in the media with a clean image for sometimes. But it has become tied to an offensive video footage. Last year, a objectionable scenes footage with a foreign players was released. Due to this scandal raised a forced criticism in different social media. However, most people expressed doubt as to whether that was really Mim.

Mehazabien Chowdhury:

Mehazabien Chowdhury - Lux-Channel i superstar winners
Emerging star Mehazabien is the latest victim of the sex scandal. A few days ago, a porn clip using the name of Mehzabin spread on Facebook. However, Mehzabin said that it’s just a virus. Someone spread this propaganda against her doing adversaries, she said.

Sarika Sabrin:

Model Sarika Sabrin biography

Popular model and actress Sarika also entrapped in scandal . A porn video spread in several website using the name of Sarika . This video also was a cellphone video and it was created a lot of criticism against Sarika. But The relatives of Sarika claimed that the woman in the video was not Sarika.


Bangladeshi singer Sabrina Porshi photos & full biography
Current popular music artist Porshi could not escape from this cyber crime. She has been a victim of the video scandal. A video footage was released using the name of Porshi . While the girl of the video could not be identified.

Afsana Ara Bindu:

Afsana Ara Bindu biography and photo collection

A video scandal broke out claimed against playwright and journalist Arun Chowdhury. And that associated with the name of the actress and model Bindu. It had been promoting various places that the model of so called scandal video in a office room was actress Bindu. The video footage was captured by hidden camera . The relatives of Bindu claimed that it was a propaganda against her.

Disclaimer:  This post about Bangladeshi celebrities scandals has been created collecting the information from online and Bangladeshi daily newspaper. We haven’t insert any real scandals photo here as our site policy. Because our site is safe for all ages people and It is our goal. If you have any complain about this post, you can contact with us.

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