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Beautiful village of Bangladesh “Pantumai”

Bangladeshi beautiful village “Pantumai” waiting for you

The Pantumai is a most Bangladeshi beautiful village.  It is considered as the most Bangladeshi beautiful village among thousands of village across the country. It is situated under the bottom of the Hill Meghalaya in west jaflong union of Sylhet, is said to be the most beautiful village of Bangladesh for it’s attractive natural beauty. Many say it “Panghthumai” although correct spelling is “Pantumai”. It is a great tourist spot in Bangladesh. A large numbers of travelers are visiting here all time of the whole year.

A very beautiful waterfall is there, falling in Bangladesh from hill Meghalaya. Meghalaya is state of India situated in north-east of Bangladesh. The stunning creature of nature astonished many travelers. Many of them name it in various names as “Mayabati” or “Mayajharna”. Many people fall on love with this waterfall. Hence it is newly discovered and has not came yet in front very much to visitors and travelers. Locally the fountain is known as “Phatacharir Jharna”, though some says it “Barahill Jharna”. The fountain is mainly in India but one can have a clear and nice view of this waterfall from the bank of Piain river. Here are some BSF camps, so take a guide to distinguish the border lines nor it can be very dangerous and life threatening.

Bangladeshi beautiful village “Pantumai”

Many years ago there were no limiting for taking a bath in the river or make a tour to the fountain. But for a battle between the Bengalies and the Marmas it is forbidden now. But you can enjoy the fascinating beauty from far enough.

Bangladeshi beautiful village “Pantumai”, a name of beauty !

If you want to make a visit at this Bangladeshi beautiful village “Pantumai” the route is like – take a bus or train to Sylhet and then go to Ambarkhana point by CNG or auto rickshaw. Then take another CNG to Goainghat Thana Bazar. The fair could be from 300 to 500 BDT. Then again another CNG to Pantumai in west Jaflong union. The cost is between 150 to 200 BDT.

Beautiful village of Bangladesh “Pantumai”

Unfortunately there is no hotel or restaurants available in Pantumai which is consider as Bangladeshi beautiful village. So, don’t forget to take snacks and drinking water with you. If you want to spend a night there, you would need the help of local people there. Don’t be afraid, the people of Sylhet are very friendly.

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