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Bangladeshi actress Shabnur biography & HD photos

Bangladeshi actress Shabnur biography & new HD photos

Shabnur is a Bangladeshi legendary film actress. Actress Shabnur passed her colorful career in acting. Her real name is Kazi Sharmin Nahid Nupur. But she is known as Shabnur. She was born on 17 December, 1979 at Navaron, Jessore, Bangladesh. At present Bangladeshi actress Shabnur’s age is about 35.

Shabnur’s first film ‘Chandni Rate’ was released in 1993 directed by Ehtesham. Ehtesham’s heroine was something special. Until then, all his discoveries, Shabnam, Shabana, Shabnaz, everyone became superhit. In the Dhaka movie it was the triumph of the new triumph. Ehtesham’s previous film (Chandni) had a record deal with Shabnaz-Nayeem, the new pair.

The film Keyamat Theke Keyamat released just few months before releasing this film. There Mousumi appeared as the new queen. Everyone was thinking, the ‘Chandi Rate’ would hit and Shabnur would establish herself as a competitor of Moushumi.

The picture drooped in the box office. It’s business was so bad that it’s hero Sabbir never seen any picture. Its music director Manam Ahmed did not get any composer work in other film. Even legendary director Ehtesham could not stand up by that failure.

But Shabnur is made of other metals. He stood up, turned around and by round the year, she became the number one heroine replacing Actress Mousumi. Salman Shah and Moushumi stopped working with both of them after working together in the film ‘Keyamat Theke Keyamat’ and ‘Antore Antore’. Salman needed a heroine, who would match him with age and acting skills. After the ‘Chandi Rate’, Shabnur got another chance, she worked hard.

The name of the film was ‘Shopner Thikana’ and it is still one of the top successful movie in Bangla film history. Until Salman’s death, she played together in 14 films. Afterwards, Shabnur never looked back.

She also worked with another successful commercial movie ‘Tomake Chai ‘ with Bangladeshi legend actor Salman Shah in 1994. After Death of Salman Shah in 1996, Shabnur started acting wih Riaz, Shakil Khan and Manna. After she also worked in Amin Khan, Ferdous and Shakib khan.

Shabnur is a most talented actress in Bangladeshi film. She won the people by her terrific performance and acting. She got National Film Award for Best actress in 2006 for her movie ‘ Dui Noyoner Alo’. She also won Meril Prothom Alo Awards for 10 times. Shabnur married with Anik Mahmud on 28 December , 2012. Shabnur’s husband is a businessman. They have also a son named Aijan Nehan.

Bd actress Shabnur now lives in Australia with her family. Now Shabnur is irregular in acting. She comes back in Bangladesh and works for some days and go back in Australia. This matter is happening for last some years. In this year, Shabnur movie ‘ Shopner Bidesh ‘ directed by Nurul Islam Khan will be released. Shabnur acted this film with Shakib Khan.

Shabnur notable Bangla movies : Bangladeshi actress Shabnur appeared in many popular Bengali films though her acting career. They are  Tumi Amar (1994), Biyer phul (1998), Gulam (2000), Hridoyer Bandhon (2001), Premer Taz Maal (2002), Swapner Bashor (2003), Amar Swapno Tumi , Molla Barir Bou (2005), Mayer Morjada (2006), Amar Praner Swami (2007), Tomake Bou Banabo (2008), Bolbo Katah Bashor Ghore (2009), Golapi Ekhon Bilatey (2010). ♠ See More : BD actress Shabnur recent HD photo wallpapers.

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