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Actress Naznin Akter Happy HD images and Wiki

Actress Naznin Akter Happy HD images and full Wiki

Naznin Akter Happy is a new Bangladeshi model and Actress. She is the most talk-table and most focusing actress at present. Happy’s scandal with Rubel Hossain ( A Bangladeshi Cricketer) is the main factor to came in discussion her. Actress Happy acted in movie ‘Kichu Asha Kichu Valobasha” at first in 2013. But she did not work in the leading role on this movie. People liked her beauty and talent. After it, she got chance to work in several TV program.

For his beauty and talent she came also in discussion among the directors. Currently she is working in the upcoming movie “Real man” which is directed by Bodrul Amin. About 70% work of this movie has been completed. It will be released soon. Model Happy also is acting in another movie “Annorokom” which is directed by Mejbah Shikdar. Sabbir Hasan Likhon is the co-actor in this movie.

Actress Naznin Akter Happy did relation with the Bangladeshi cricketer Rubel Hossain. Happy wanted to marry Rubel Hossain and she was pressuring to him by different way to marry her. Rubel opposed it. At last Happy file a case against Rubel. In this case Rubel has been accused of doing physical relation with happy by promising her to marry later. Howover this case is under investigation now. Now, the people is waiting what happened against Rubel. Rubel is also a member of the 30 player list for the world Cup 2015 selecting by the Bangladesh Cricket Board ( BCB).

Naznin Akter Happy was born in Khulna District. She had a dream to get a film actress from her childhood. But her parents and other relatives opposed it. She did not back by this obstacle. She overcame it and established her as a model and actress. To established as a actress, she was helped from the Bangladeshi most popular actress Moushumi and Shabnur.

Now another talk-table and discussion able thing is the Rubel and Happy phone call. Bangladeshi news based TV chanel Eakattor TV leaked the Rubel and Happy phone call. For the reader we insert this here. See more :  Model and actress Happy Latest HD photo collection.

The latest news about Rubel and Happy that Happy will withdraw her case against cricketer Rubel Hossain for the great victory of Bangladesh against England in world cup. She also very pleased for the excellent performance of Rubel in world cup 2015. She also said that she will marry him if he want her. And she still loves him and continue it until death.

Actress Naznin Akter Happy HD Photos:

Actress Naznin Akter Happy HD images and Wiki

Actress Naznin Akter Happy HD images

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