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Hot bangladeshi actress achol - Top 10 Bangladeshi actress

Bangladeshi actress achol biography and new HD photos

Achol is a Bangladeshi model and actress. She is one of the most popular and beautiful actress in present time. She came in the film world in 2011 by a exclusive movie ” Vull”. It is a classic movie. At first she started her career with classic cinema. After she continued in Business type Bangla movie. Now hot Bangladeshi actress Achol is busiest actress and model in Dhallywood.

Achol was born in Khulna Bangladesh. She passed her whole childhood there. She was a student of Girls Pioneer School. Achol has a great talent in dance. She learned her dance from Anando Dhara Academy. When She was in class eight, she performed in a Advertisement which sponsor was ACI company. She has great attraction in Bangla film.

When she got a time started to watch the Bangla movie. Specially she is a great fans of the another popular actress Sabnur. From the childhood she dream to be a actress like Shabnur. ♣ Check also→ Actress Apu Biswas biography new photo wallpapers.

Career :
The Beily Road and Vull was released acted by hot Bangladeshi actress Achol in 2011. Those both cinema was classic. She entered in business type cinema by “Jotil Prem” in 2013. Bappy Chowdhury was the co-actor in this movie. By this movie she pleased the general people and established him in Dhalywood film industry.

She appeared as a beautiful queen in “Ki Prem Dekhaila” directed by Shah Muhommod Sagor. At present , She is busy in her new movie “Fad” against Sahkib Khan.

Works: Vull (2011), Beily Road ( 2011) , valobasar Rongdhonu ( 2012), Jotil Prem ( 2013) , Ki prem Dekhaila (2013) , Fad ( 2014) , Ajob Prem ( 2014), Swopno je Tui ( 2014) , Kistimat (2015).
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Reference: http://bn.wikipedia.org.

Hot Bangladeshi actress achol HD photos:

Bangladeshi actress Achol is behind on the screen for long times. But, there is good news of all Achol’s fans that shooting is going on under the film ‘Ek Koti Taka’ directed by Chattku Ahmed. From the first day of the year, the work began in different locations of Savar. Actress Achol has acted in this film against Dipjal.

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