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Bangladesh victory day wallpaper collection

Bangladesh victory day (Bijoy Dibosh) wallpapers & HD photos

16 December is the victory day of Bangladesh. The all Bangladeshis celebrate this day commemorating the great victory against Pakistan in 1971. It is the day to memorize the Liberation War of 1971, the top sacrifice for Independence in the world. We collected some Bangladesh victory day wallpaper as well as 16 December Bangladesh victory day wallpaper here. We hope that you also like this collection.

16th December is the great Victory Day. This day is a great glory for the Bengali nation. On the day, the Pakistani army surrendered at Race Course ground (present Suhrawardy Udyan) in Dhaka after the nine-month liberation war of 1971. The final victory led to the independence of the Bengali state of Bangladesh.

On 16 December, Bangladesh decorate as nicely. Then, it should be called as amazing Bangladesh. All people celebrate this Victory day recall of the 9 months Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971.

This day recalls us of the supreme sacrifice of our freedom fighters who’ll ever remain in our minds such as the luminous stars above. But simultaneously we must keep in mind the sprite of the liberation war. Read More: Bangladesh independence day pictures and wallpapers.

We desired a land wherever proper rights will dominate over the injustice and wrong things. But, The Pakistani dictators snatched our legal and fundamental rights. After passing of the nine months battle of nightmares, we gained our freedom. We obtained it by the sacrificed of the 3 millions of innocent people and 3,00,000 of insulted women.

After, a historical and glorious journey, we gained our victory and snatched away our independence from Pakistan. Actually, 16 December is the Victory Day of minds without fear and heads held high. Now, see the all Bangladesh victory day wallpaper, images, pictures bellow. Check More : Change Facebook profile picture with Bijoy dibosh photo frame overlay.

Bangladesh victory day wallpaper photos

16 december victory day bangladesh wallpaper

Victory day of Bangladesh wallpaper

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Bangladesh victory day Facebook cover photo

Bangladesh victory day cover photos

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16 December victory day wallpapers

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bangladesh victory day wallpaper

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16 december victory day of bangladesh wallpaper

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The important roads are furnished with the National as well as colorful flags to point out this Bangladesh victory day (Bijoy Dibosh). Special featured pages are printed out by the national dailies outlining the tenor of the victory day. Radio and also television channels broadcast special programs. Special prayers are offered at the mosques, temples as well as other religious worships hoping peace and prosperity of the country. The day’s program initiate at the early moment of dawn blasting cannons gun salutes for 31 times.

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