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Bangladesh railway schedule and time table

Bangladesh railway schedule and time table in 2018 (Updated!)

Bangladesh railway schedule and time table has been updated on 18th January, 2017 by the concerned authority. Again from 1 March, 2017, there are 68 trains are running in new schedule and extended routes. Train is a crucial transport system for every country across the world. A wide range of passengers move one place to another through trains. Simply because train journey is much more safe and also affordable than others motor vehicles.

Daily many passengers trains are departing to numerous destinations or routes in Bangladesh. Each and every train possess a No., Title, off day , Bangladesh railway schedule, departure railway station and arrival station. But most all of us don’t know these exact Bangladesh railway schedule & Time Table. Consequently most of us miss the wanted train and also are not able to go the destination at correct time.

Recently, Bangladesh Railway authority imported several luxurious coaches from Indonesia and India. These new coaches have added a new standard of Bangladesh Railway service. Passengers can have a new luxurious journey by these imported coaches.

These luxurious coaches are running in Dhaka-Chittagong, Dhaka-Rajshahi, Khulna-Dhaka, Dhaka-Sylhet and Dhaka-Dinajpur routes. Government has also taken a decision to import more coaches and make the double line path across the country.

Bangladesh Railway is the government railway transport agency. It manages and provides the whole railway system of the country. It’s short name is BR. It is handled by the Directorate General of Bangladesh Railway within the Ministry of Railways together with Bangladesh Railway Authority (BRA).

BRA operates for policy instruction of BR. You can also check out Bangladesh railway ticket price list in 2018. We published the latest price list there. That can assist you to get the exact price list.  ⇒ Read more : How to purchase Bangladesh railway online ticket.

Bangladesh railway schedule updated on 1 March, 2017

Bangladesh railway schedule and time table

See Train Schedule Here

If you want to know the train schedule more accurate and details, you can visit the Bangladesh railway official website. Here you can find the all train’s details schedule with their stations and destinations.

The main features of Bangladesh Railway are the co-presence of numerous gauges, Broad gauge, Meter gauge as well as dual gauge. Jamuna River separate the system into a Western and Eastern Zone of operations. But with Bangabandhu Bridge, these two zone connected in 2003.

Bangladesh Railway addresses a whole length of 2,855 route Km and employs 34,168 individuals. BR runs international, inter-city as well as suburban rail services on it’s multi-gauges line. It has also coach creation amenities. In the year of 2014, it transported over 65.00 million passengers and also 2.52 million tonnes of shipping.

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