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Bangladesh National Anthem Lyrics

Bangladesh National Anthem Bengali and English Lyrics

Bangladesh National Anthem is the most sweetest anthem in the world. ‘Amar Sonar Bangla’ is the national anthem of the country. Actually It is portion of a Bengali song using the similar title, composed by Rabindranath Tagore in 1905. The term sonar basically indicates ‘made of gold’, but in the song sonar Bangla might be viewed to either convey the preciousness of Bengal or turn to the color of paddy fields prior to harvest.

The song was composed in 1905 while in the 1st partition of Bengal, during the ruling British Empire got an undivided India’s province of Bengal separated into 2 parts. The decision was declared on 19 July by the then-Viceroy of India Lord Curzon, getting impact on 16 October. This separation of Bengal occurred as communal lines-East Bengal getting a majority of Muslims as well as West Bengal getting a majority of Hindus. It is said to have triggered India’s national movement against British ruling. Together with a host of other things, this song was designed to get back the single spirit of Bengal, to boost public awareness against the communal political separation.

Bangladesh National Anthem

Bangladesh National Anthem Bengali and English Lyrics
The song lyrics 1st came out in the September issues of “Bongodorshon” as well as “Baul” at the same time, in 1905. The 1st 10 lines of this song make up Bangladesh National Anthem, followed during it’s liberation war in 1971. Only all those lines are listed in the above section. The English translation above was made by Syed Ali Ahsan. Recently Bangladesh National Anthem was selected as the best national anthem in the world in a competition. →Read More: Top 10 attractive natural tourist place in Bangladesh.

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Bangladesh planned to organize an event on nation’s 44th independence day, in a bid to make the world’s record as the most people singing a national anthem at the same time. Therefore, on 2 March, the ministry introduced a event named “Lakho Konthe Sonar Bangla” whose key aim was to have an event with the co-operation of Bangladesh Armed Forces where around 300,000 individuals would sing the national anthem. A number of popular Bangladeshi music artists as well as cultural groups afterwards joined the event.

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