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Bandarban tourist spot - The Nilgiri Resort travel tips

Bandarban tourist spot – The Nilgiri Resort travel tips ( With Pictures)

Bandarban is the hill tract areas of Bangladesh. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive destinations of the country. Who really love the mountain, slope of hills with nice thin clouds, can visit Bandarban district without any hesitation. Threre are numerous Bandarban tourist spot such as Nilgiri Resort, Nilachol, Buddha Dhatu Jadi, Boga lake, Keokradong, Jadipai waterfall, Nafa‑khum, Patang Jhuri and more.

Nilgiri resort is the highest hill resort among the Bandarban tourist spot as well as in country. It is the greatest holiday resort in Bangladesh having awesome natural splendor. This Resort is situated about 47 km South East of the Bandarban town and on 2400 fts high from the sea level. This features a top quality residential accommodation which makes difference from other resorts of Bangladesh. This beautiful Nilgiri resort located on the top of a mountain manage by the Bangladesh Army.

Bandarban tourist spot – The Nilgiri Resort

Bandarban tourist spot - Nilgiri Resort travel tips

You’ll be surprised if you have that the cloudy sky frequently kisses with the peak of the mountain in this best Bandarban tourist spot. Gentle breeze is coming down from the hill edge as well as skinny clouds are coming on their flow to casual fly. Sunshine throughout the clouds, silver moon lighting are moving downward the slopes and folds. Clouds will have fun together with you and you’ll feel them! It is the most attractive natural tourist places of Bangladesh for individuals who really like hill tracts and also clouds.

How to go Nilgiri Resort:

We said before this Nilgiri resort is 47 KM faraway from the Bandarban town. You can reach at Bandarban at morning, If you travel by Bus from Dhaka. For more relaxation, you can hire a car or microbus from Dhaka City. In order to save time period you can reach at Cox’s Bazaar by Biman Bangladesh airline or others private airlines. Later you can easily reach at Nilgiri resort by on wards move by bus or hire a vehicle. You need to stay in hotel at Bandarban and then following day you can easily move to Nilgiri.

Hotels & resorts:

Actually, the accommodation at Nilgiri creates it’s difference from others. Good quality hotels are available at Bandarban town as well. Lodging and also foods for three days will definitely cost around tk 10000. Conveyance relies on indicates you select from 7000 BDT lowest to highest BDT 11000 in case you journey by plane to Chittagong. Military guys will get exclusive priority for lodging the cottages.

However when it is not reserved by any army professional and also the cottages may vacant, you are able to book it. But this incidence is really rare. Quite often Nilgiri stays reserved. Consequently try to get in touch with the authority prior to 3 month to stay in there. The beautiful tent is waiting for you for a short time. However, you know this is the busiest tourist place. Therefore reserve this before getting there.
Bandarban tourist spot - The Nilgiri Resort travel tips

The Beautiful Nilgiri Resort

Food Items:

Nilgiri is primarily a rest house. It also provides a clean as well as healthy restaurant. Therefore don’t get worried regarding your stomach visiting this best Bandarban tourist spot! You will get all type of delicious food items here. Rice, mutton, beef are ready in bamboo with no water is actually mouth-watering. Each meal price is around 200 – 500 Tk. You can take different types of delicious foods.

Contact Numbers of Nilgiri Resort: 01190811322, 01925882338.

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