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Apple IPhone 7 is coming with two lenses camera!

Apple IPhone 7 is coming with two lenses camera!

Two lenses camera will be used in Apple IPhone 7! The key innovation in the new version of the iPhone remains much interest¬†among technology fans always. Technology giant Apple is keeping this matter and they don’t disappoint their fans. In The new version of the Apple iPhone, the company is always adding new features and sensors.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is the latest version of the iPhone which has released in last September . More new features and sensors has been introduced in that version .Which easily attract technology fans. With the continuation, More Wonders is coming in Apple iPhone7 that indicated Apple blogger John grubara. Grubara wrote on his blog by reliable sources that two camera lenses will be used in Apple iphone 7.Apple IPhone 7 is coming with two lenses camera!

In podakaste talk show John brugara said about Using two camera lenses on Apple iphone 7.He said that it will be used to improve the quality of photographing and Apple is thinking so. It will be the major changes in the camera in Apple. He could not say what the changes will create by this .But he sure that the user will get good quality pictures like DSLR camera.

Taiwan’s handset manufacturer company HTC released M-8 handsets recently using the two lenses cameras . Three-D effects involving pictures can be taken with this HTC M-8 handset. Not for any reason in particular, grubarera said that Apple does this to improve picture only.

The handset is expected to arrive in next September. IPhone 6 and iphone 6 Plus both main camera’s is 8 megapixel . They have 1.2 The megapixel front camera. Here in Apple iphone 7 the more pixel will be used and that is a plus point.

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