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Android marshmallow features and full review

Android marshmallow features and full review

Google is bringing with a new android operating system. This android os version is  Android marshmallow.There is many attractive features of this new android version. At first Nexus user will get android 6. After that other android user will get step by step android marshmallow. This new OS Android marshmallow will be launched from October 2015. Dear friends, we appeared today with the Android marshmallow features those you may not know.  It will give you a clear ideas with this new android version. Now see the new Android marshmallow features bellow.

Android marshmallow features

1. Google Now

Now Google now can inform you read easily (write of screen).Not only inform but also it will give you extra information in the pop up box. Suppose your friend sent you a sms then Google now will read loudly for you .

2. Case by case App permission

You may feel bore hearing this matter but it is very important update . when you will install any app at that time it will want to permission using other app step by step as camera, location, sms,etc. But this app will not want to permission using other app so this app is very useful to work.

3. Fingerprint support

New android 6 version will identify fingerprint as a result you can use confidentially. Now some phone companies add fingerprint sensor in their android. But in Android marshmallow version it will be added as a default feature.

4. USB-C type support

In Android marshmallow version USB-C will be supported. For this reason, you needn’t worry if your USB cable or charger is connected. You can connect your data cable or charger easily with your Android marshmallow suported android. It will be a good Android marshmallow features.

5. Doze

This app will save your battery charge. It will be monitoring other applications of your android phone. When your phone will be unused, it will stop the others apps as a result your battery will be save.

6. Easy copy-paste

Cut, copy, paste will be very easy. Although it is going to be very small feature but it will be very important feature.

7. Chrome custom Tab

It is a great Android marshmallow features. When you need to go the web during using a application, it will help you to escape opening the browser. Because, this Android marshmallow features will be collected necessary data before. As a result you needn’t open your browser.

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