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Actress Apu Biswas biography and latest HD photo-wallpapers

Actress Apu Biswas biography and latest HD photo-wallpapers

Apu Bishwas is a most demand-able and busiest actress in Dhalywood film industry. She is one of the most popular actress in Bangladesh. Her real name is Abonti Bishwas Apu. After Shabnur and Moushumi era, Actress Apu Biswas is the most popular actress in Bangladeshi film industries.

Actress Apu Biswas came in cinema by her first movie “Kal Sakale” directed Amjad Hossain in 2004. She acted as a central actress in “Koti takar kabin” directed by F.I Manik in 2006. In this movie Shakib Khan worked as a co-actor. By this film Apu Bishwas established her position strongly.

After, She introduced some hit movie such as “Pitar Ason, Chachchu, Dadima, Miya Barir Chakor, Jonmo Tomar jonno, Mayer Hate Behester Chabi etc. Apu is also one of the top ten actress in Bangladesh at present time. She acted about 50 movies, among them out of 40 movies against Shakib khan.

Actress Apu Biswas Born on 11 October, 1989 in Bogura, Bangladesh. Now her age is about 25. Her father name is Upendronath Bishwas and her mother name is Shefali Bishwas. She has 2 sisters and one brother.

She passed her childhood in Bogura, a renowned district in Bangladesh. From childhood she has great attraction in movie, Dance specially in film industry. Apu Bishwas had a great talent in dance. She won first position in a competition made by Nritto Anchol when she was only in nine.

Actress Apu Biswas HD Photo- wallpapers:

However, it is a bad news for the Shakib & Apu’s fans that Shakib khan devoured Apu Bishwas. Such kind of news disclosed on the media on 4 December, 2017. The news agencies claimed that Shakib sent a divorce letter to Apu Biswas. After many controversies this pair is separated now.

On April 18, 2008, Shakib and Apu secretly got married. They then managed to keep the family secret from covering the media for nine years. Even in the year 2016, when son Abraham Khan Joy was born, Shakib kept the news secret for six months.

After being pregnant, Apu took herself behind the screen while she was the top heroine of Dhallywood. For a long year she did not come to the media.

Then on April 10, 2017, Apu came to live on a private TV channel News 24, carrying a baby boy, Abram, to announce about her son and husband Shakib Khan. She said that Apu Islam Khan had converted from Abonti Bishwas Apu to marry Shakib.

After disclosing the marriage story, there was a lot of debate about this in the country. Shakib said that he did not want to acted with Apu after being a mother.

At last, Shakib Khan accepted their marriage and son to media. Actress Apu claimed that she left the media and hide herself for only the interest of Shakib Khan. But Shakib didn’t give her legal rights as a wife. Actually the relationship between Apu Biswas and Shakib khan has been interrupted for new BD actress Shabnam Bubly.

Apu Biswas, a few years ago, organized a big year for her son’s birthday. Her husband, Shakib Khan, could not be seen there. Although he was staying in the country at that time. Shortly after that, the rumor spread that Shakib Khan was going to divorce to Apu Biswas. Finally the roamer came as true.

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