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Brand new motorcycle price in Bangladesh

Brand new motorcycle price in Bangladesh in 2017

Motorcycle is a popular vehicles in Bangladesh. It is a great demand among the young generation. Specially Motorbike is a very important transport system in rural area. Now Walton, Runner and so more local motorbikes brand are also available here. These local motorcycle cycle companies are trying to capture the local market. Their motorbike are so cheaper than their price. However, the international motorcycle brands also present in the local market. The top popular motorcycles brands in Bangladesh are, Hero, Hero Honda, Honad, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha, Suzuki etc. Here we collected the all new brand motorcycle price in Bangladesh.

Brand new motorcycle price in Bangladesh

Hero Motocorp Ltd., previously Hero Honda, is an Indian motorcycle & scooter maker centered in New Delhi, India. The company is the biggest two wheeler supplier in India. It possesses a market share of around 46% share in 2-wheeler group. In 2006, Forbes listed Hero Honda Motors rated at 108 among 200 Most Reputed companies. On 31 March, 2013, Hero Motocorp Ltd. earned the market capitalization about INR 308 billion (USD 5.66 billion). → Read More: Update all Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh.

New Brand Hero motorcycle price in Bangladesh

Hero motorcycles price in Bangladesh

Bike Name Price in BDT
Hero Hunk 2,06,000 BDT
Hero Xtreme 1,90,000 BDT
Hero Xtreme Sports 2,09,000 BDT
Hero Glamour 1,52,490 BDT
Hero Splendor iSmart 1,40,990 BDT
Hero Splendor Pro 1,34,000 BDT
Hero Pleasure Sheet Metal – 1,29,990, Cast Metal – 1,34,990 TBDT
Hero Passion Pro 1,44,490 BDT
HF Dawn 1,07,500 BDT

Bajaj motorcycle price in Bangladesh

Bajaj is an Indian two and three wheeler manufacturing company. Specially, their motorcycle is so popular in Indian and also in Bangladesh. A numerous people like Bajaj motorcycle for it’s long lasting parts and top class service.  Bajaj Auto Limited is the 6th largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world as well as the 4th largest in India. It is the world’s biggest three-wheeler manufacturer company.
Price list of Bajaj motorcycles in Bangladesh

Bike Name Price in BDT
Bajaj Pulsar 150 NS 2,00,000-2,50,000 (Expected) BDT
Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS 2,70,000 (Expected) BDT
Bajaj Pulsar 150 1,99,500 BDT
Bajaj Pulsar 135 Not available in market
Bajaj Discover 150F coming in market
Bajaj Discover 150 1,69,500 BDT
Bajaj Discover 135 Not available
Bajaj Discover 125 ST 1,75,000 BDT
Bajaj Discover 125 1,68,000 BDT
Bajaj Discover 100 1,45,000 BDT
Bajaj Platina 100 1,25,000 BDT
Bajaj CT 100 1,13,000 BDT

Honda motorcycle price in Bangladesh

Honda is a Japanese public multi-national conglomerate company mostly known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft as well as power equipment. It has become the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959 along with the earth’s largest company of internal combustion engines calculated by volume. They developing over 14 million internal combustion engines every year. Honda was the 2nd largest Japanese automobile manufacturer in the year of 2001. It became the 8th largest automobile manufacturer across the world driving General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen Group, Hyundai Motor Group, Nissan,Ford, as well as PSA Peugeot Citroën in 2011. → Read More: Current gold price in Bangladesh per Bhori and per Gram.
Honda motorcycles price Bangladesh

Bike Name Price in BDT
Honda CBR 150R 4,90,000 BDT
Honda CB 150R StreetFire Not declared yet
Honda CB Trigger 2,08,000 BDT
Honda Shine 1,70,000 BDT
Honda Livo 110 Not declared
Honda Dream Neo 1,42,000 BDT
Honda Wave Alpha (Scooter) Not declared
Honda CD 80 90,900 BDT

Yamaha motorcycle price in Bangladesh

Yamaha motorcycles price list in Bangladesh

Bike Name Price in BDT
Yamaha YZF R15 Version 2 4,90,000 BDT
Yamaha Fazer Fi Version 2 3,00,000 ( Excepted) BDT
Yamaha Fazer 2,65,000 BDT
Yamaha FZs Version 2 2,80,000 ( Excepted) BDT
Yamaha FZs 2,50,000 BDT
Yamaha FZ 16 Not Available
Yamaha SZR 2,19,000 BDT

TVS motorcycle price in Bangladesh

TVS motorcycles price in Bangladesh

Bike Name Price in BDT
TVS Apache Hyper Edge (2012) BDT
TVS Phoenix 125 1,58,000 BDT
TVS Flame SR 125 Not available
TVS Star Sport 125 1,44,000 BDT
TVS Metro Plus 110cc 1,46,900 BDT
TVS Metro 1,33,900 BDT
TVS Wego (Scooter) 1,62,900 BDT
TVS Scooty Pep Plus (Scooter) 1,29,500 BDT
TVS Jive 110 1,34,500 BDT

Suzuki motorcycle price in Bangladesh

Suzuki motorcycles price in Bangladesh

Bike Name Price in BDT
Suzuki Gixxer 155 2,49,950 BDT
Suzuki Gixxer SF 155 (Faired Version) 2,79,950 BDT
Suzuki GS150R 2,01,000 BDT
Suzuki HAYATE 1,29,950 BDT
Suzuki Slingshot Plus 1,56,000 BDT
Suzuki Lets (Scooter) 1,35,000 BDT
Suzuki Access 125 (Scooter) BDT
Release Date BDT

Walton motorcycle price in Bangladesh

Walton motorcycle price in Bangladesh

Bike Name Price in BDT
Walton XPLORE 140 1,25,000 BDT
Walton Fusion 125 EX 95,500 BDT
Walton Fusion 125 96,200 BDT
Walton Fusion 110 EX 83,000 BDT
Walton Fusion 110 86,700  BDT
Walton Cruize 100 81,000 BDT
Walton Stylex 100 71,000 BDT
Walton Leo 90 68,000 BDT

Dayang motorcycle price list

Dayang motorcycle price list

Bike Name Price in BDT
Dayang Runner Bullet 135 1,15,000 BDT
Dayang Runner Bullet 125 1,25,000 BDT
Dayang Runner Bullet 100 96,000 BDT
Dayang Runner Apollo 90,000 BDT
Dayang Runner Gallexy 83,000 BDT
Dayang Runner AD 80s 81,000 (Alloy Rim), 76,000 (Spoke Rim) BDT
Dayang Runner AD 80s Deluxe 83,000 BDT
Dayang Runner DY 50 72,000 BDT
Freedom Runner Trover 90,000 BDT
Freedom Runner Royal KS 90,000 BDT
Freedom Runner Royal ES 1,02,000 BDT
Freedom Runner Royal Plus 98,000 BDT
Freedom Runner F-100 6A 85,000 BDT
Freedom Runner Kite (Scooter 100cc) 72,000 BDT
Freedom Runner Turbo 1,40,000 BDT
LML Freedom 110 1,15,000 BDT
Runner Cheeta 82,000 BDT
Runner Bijoy 73,000 BDT
Runner Duronto 59,000 BDT

Hero Honda motorcycle price in Bangladesh

Hero Honda motorcycle price in Bangladesh

Bike Name Price in BDT
Hero Honda Hunk Tk 197000
Hero Honda Xtrem Double Disk Tk 138000
Hero Honda Glamour Tk 157000
Hero Splendor Plus Spoke Tk 125000
Hero Honda Passion Pro Tk 144500
Hero Honda Splender NXG Tk 134500
Hero Honda Splender Pro Tk 138000
Hero Honda CD Dawn Tk 114000

The all price list of Motorcycles are updated recently. The prices can be varied slightly in the local market. But, you can trust these prices as average range. If you have any information about this, please comment bellow. We will check our problem as soon as possible.

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