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How to sit in front of computer for long time

There are so many problems who works for long time in front of computer screen. Pain in waist, neck,shoulders & tired out of fingers are common problem of long lime users. Unsuitable chair table & improper position of body are main cause of this kind of problems. To solve this problem you have to sit in front of computer at right posture and proper position. So,some important tips for you.

How to sit in front of computer for long time

♣ Right posture to sit in front of computer

Firstly, you should use a comfortable chair in which you work. It should not either be more soft or hard. Select a chair that adjust with your body curvatures. You should try to avoid the hanging of foot but just keep touched with the floor & placed your hands on arms in breaking of your work.

♣ Proper sitting position in front of computer

Distance between your eyes & Screen of your PC will be at least 20/25 inches away. Top border of the monitor will be parallel to your eyes to avoid the upwards movements of eyeballs. Height of the table will be at the level of your elbow. There will be enough spaces below the table to place your foots smoothly. ♣ See More : How to keep your laptop cool from overheating.

♣ Best position of the keyboard & mouse pad

These will be just 1 inch above the thigh. To avoid the hazard of much light placed the monitor away from the window. Keep the hand by maintaining 90 degrees with ground floor. Sometimes, take a break to give rest your eyes & perform some freehand physical movement ;specially of hands & head. Keep your eyesight in some green sights to remove the monotonous of your eyes.