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Robyn Lawley - plus size models

Top 10 most beautiful plus size models in the world

The world has a lots of beautiful women. Some of them are skinny and some are curvy. But, Slim is not always hot since men have usually preferred curvy women. This is the main reason why many plus size models are earning along with recognition like skinny beauties models in the profession. Generally, people love curvy women because of their hottest fleshy figures and curvy bodies. You may hear the world hottest model Kim Kardashianis who is so much popular only because of her curvy body. However, here is the list of Top ten most beautiful plus size models now.

Top 10 most beautiful plus size models

10. Tia Duffy

Tia Duffy - plus size models

Tia Duffy is on the list of most appealing plus size models. She is the show stealer from Dublin. The British size 14 model experienced the taunting attitude of the fashion in the starting of her career. But, Today she has created a idol for herself in the industry. This plus size model is well known for her hottest fleshy curvy body figure.

9. Louise O’Reilly

Louise O’Reilly - plus size models

Louise O’Reilly is an another popular plus size Irish model. She has proven that size barely issues when it goes on to beauty. She is frank about her pleasant for becoming healthy. She is very strict against the wish of women to receive the zero sized figure. She also handles “Style Me Curvy”, a website for the curvy women.

8. Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn - plus size models

Following the list as usual arrives the 26 years old Italian stunner, Nadia Aboulhosn. She has come in the fashion industry with storm having her curvy plus size body. She has worked well like a beauty blogger. She has been picked up by Boohoo to design the plus size range.

7. Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot -plus size models

Denis Bidot is a 28 years old and is one of the most beautiful plus size models in the world. The plus size girl hails from Puerto Rico. The American size 14 model began her profession as a makeup artist first. She had never dreamed of being a model but fate forced her in this way. She has built her big, not only in body size but in reputation as well. Denis Bidot was the only plus size model who featured in Serena Willims’ New York Fashion Week show.

6. Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley - plus size models

The 25 year old hottest curvy woman from Australia, Robyn Lawley is the next plus size model to create this list. She is a multi skilled character, along with modeling, writing and also photography becoming a expertise. This stylish queen who speaks in favor of healthful eating has been noticed in GQ, Vogue as well as in Elle France.

5. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham - plus size models

Presenting next on our list of top 10 most beautiful plus size models is Ashley Graham. She is a 27 years aged lingerie model who came from Nebraska. She has beat all notions in support of skinny women performing several renowned campaigns for Elle, Nordstorm and Target. Aside from getting one of the the first plus size models to get it on the swimsuit issue from the Sports Illustrated Magazine.

4. Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday - plus size models

The 29 years aged plus size curvy model, Tess Holliday has shaken the world attaining a fan following up to 50 million people in the Instagram. It is a amazingly huge number thinking about the real fact. She holds a full 22 US size. She is considered as the worldwide spokes-women for the large women.

3. Candice Huffine

Candice Huffine - plus size models

The US size 12 model, Candice Huffine has recently made a revolution in the fashion sector being the 1st time plus size entry within the Pirelli calendar in 2015. She express confidence and satisfaction for her her beautiful fleshy curvy body. She has featured the Vogue Italia cover for two times.

2. Kate Upton

Kate Upton - plus size models

At this point the name of the list of top 10 most stunning plus size models is Kate Upton. This Hollywood actress was enlisted in our previous list Top 10 Hottest beautiful curvy women in Hollywood. She also included in our to 10 best looking women. This 22 years aged model has gained much gratitude in the world fashion circles because of her sexiest complete figure, which she displays on the runway in exposing outfits.

1. Katya Zharkova

Katya Zharkova - plus size models

Katya Zharkova, the 33 years old curvy splendor from Belarus creates on the top of the list having her sexy US size 14 figure. She has gained massive success regardless of getting the bigger side. It is amazing about her self confidence as well as unmatched stunning looks. Katya is recognized for her bare-skinned photoshoot on Plus Size Magazine. She made an appearance and also modeled for several brands like Forever 21, Silver Jeans as well as plus-size professionals Fashion To Figure.

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